Security Researcher

About Paul.

Paul researches web3 and web2 security mainly. His own mission is to research the new attack technique and prevent vulnerabilities before the smart contract/program is deployed.

He plays CTFs (hacking competitions) and is the leader of team Super Guesser, which was ranked 3rd in 2021 globally.

As a CTFer, he won WhiteHat Contest (local CTF), LINE CTF, SECCON CTF, Dragon CTF, and various CTFs. Also, he was a finalist in the DEFCON CTF and a member of the national hacking team of Korea ( in 2022. His main concern is the security of bridging the web2 and web3. He audited some web2 - web3 bridging products like NFT Marketplace.

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  • KALOS - powered by HAECHI LABS, Security Researcher (2022.04 ~ Present)
  • Cooperated with the Korean government agency, Security Researcher (2021.05 ~ 2022.01)

Notable CTF Awards

  • BlackHat MEA CTF 2022 2nd Place
  • WhiteHat Contest 2022 1st Place
  • SAMSUNG CTF 2022 2nd Place
  • DEFCON 29, 30 Finalist
  • LINE CTF 2022 1st Place
  • SECCON CTF 2021 1st Place
  • CyBRICS CTF 2021 1st Place
  • Google CTF 2021 Finalist
  • HITCON CTF 2020 1st Place
  • Challenge Author WACON 2022, IJCTF, and ASIS CTF

Conference Speaker

  • The Hacker Owl 2th - Topic: PHP output buffering analysis in php-src level
  • WACon 2022 - Topic: Correcting the future of Korea’s Bug Bounty.