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About Jinu.

Jinu is working as a security researcher at Kalos.

With expertise in security in both Web2 and Web3 domains, Jinu has conducted security audits for various companies' products.

Jinu is particularly interested in the intersection of Web2 and Web3 domains, and has experience performing security audits for blockchain wallet services and blockchain bridge services.

In the Web3 domain, Jinu has audited defi, blockchain nodes, and nft marketplace services.

Outside of work, Jinu has achieved good results by participating in CTF and bug bounty programs.

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  • KALOS - powered by HAECHI LABS, Security Researcher (2022.7 ~ Present)
  • Theori, Security Researcher (2019.2 ~ 2022.4)

Notable Security Audits

  • Sygma
  • Iskra - Bridge (wormhole forked)
  • Intella X - NFT Marketplace
  • Rodeo Finance - Leverage Yield Farming

Notable CTF Awards

  • DEFCON 27, 28, 30 Finalist

Notable Found Vulnerabilities

  • THORChain DoS (with Allen)

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