Security Researcher

About Jeremy.

Jeremy is interested in analyzing hacking incidents in both web3 and web2.

He has been conducting research on reverse engineering and malicious code behavior analysis in the web2 field for a long time and has developed a strong understanding of software structure over the years.

As a result, he has excellent skills in analyzing the behavior of attackers and tracking their processes.

In addition, he is a member of the CTF team SG, responsible for the area of reverse engineering.

He has a diverse history of participating in various competitions such as CodeGate, Whitehat contest, and international events including HITCON and SECCON.

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  • KALOS - powered by HAECHI LABS, Security Researcher (2022.08 ~ Present)
  • STEALIEN, LLVM Security Programmer & R&D Researcher (2016 ~ 2022.06)
  • Cooperated with the Republic of Korea Ministry of National Defense, Developer (2019 ~ 2021)
  • Cooperated with the Korean government agency, Exploit developer (2017 ~ 2019
  • Best of the Best 4th, Security Researcher (2015)

Notable CTF Awards

  • WhiteHat Contest 2015 2nd Place
  • CodeGate CTF 2017 1st Place
  • CCE CTF 2017 2nd Place (Defense)
  • SECCON CTF 2020 1st Place
  • HITCON CTF 2020 1st Place
  • DEFCON 2017 Finalist

Conference Speaker

  • CodeGate 2015 Conference - What is browser hacking and exploitation