Blockchain & Smart Contract Security Audits

Security is a top priority in the blockchain industry.
Our comprehensive security audit service is designed to ensure both startups and large enterprises to launch their web3 projects(NFT, DeFi, Token etc.) with control and confidence.

Trusted by 400+ leading web3 projects since 2018

Get Audited by the CTF-winning security experts.

We are a group of security researchers, cryptographers and whitehat hackers with global top-tier talents from both web2 and web3. We are here to ensure that your blockchain project is ready for deploy and built safely.

Global CTF winners
Top-tier cryptographers
Web3 experience since 2018

Numbers don’t lie.

We have track records to prove our contribution to the safer web3 space, since 2018.


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Don't listen to us. Listen to our partners.

We have worked with global top web3 projects, crypto exchanges
and Fortune 500 companies.

“The best crypto app”

"Our first engagement with KALOS was several years ago and we continue to use them to this day as they have improved their processes from our feedback and continued to evolve. KALOS' specific focus on CTF gives us confidence that we have the best eyes on our protocol."

DFX Finance, Co-founder
Ardrian Li

“The only tool I need”

"Thanks to pointing out security issues in advance, it has been a great help not only in service development but also in business development."

Bifrost, CTO
JongHyup Lee

“The only tool I need”

"KALOS has conducted several audits for us, and we have been consistently impressed with their professionalism, thoroughness, and attention to detail.

They have a deep understanding of Solidity and are able to identify potential vulnerabilities to ensure that our smart contracts are safe and reliable."

Decubate, CTO
Jay Maree

“A truly great crypto app”

"KALOS leverages a realtime communication channel to share the results of ongoing audits. KALOS was the key to our confidence that our smart contracts are correct and secure. "

Iskra, CTO
Paul Kim

“The best tool for my team”

"We really appreciate the iterative working style. The auditors would give feedbacks within a day after our engineer complete a fix.

We really had a peace of mind after completing the audit with KALOS.", Co-founder
Xiaohan Zhu

“The best tool for my team”

"KALOS was very methodical in their execution and fast in their delivery. Would recommend to any project looking for a top-notch audit."

ZeroDev, CEO
Derek Chiang

“The future of crypto trading”

"KALOS unquestionably offers the audit service we require with the best available communication and industry knowledge.

Without doubt, a trustworthy audit partner."

Intella X, CEO
Jose Ko

“My favorite code editor”

"Thanks for identifying a potential security issue. The quick and accurate feedback was especially impressive."

Ground X, CTO
Rain Park

“My favorite code editor”

"KALOS worked closely with our team to help review & secure each function in our codebase, with quality insights & precise communication."

Rodeo Finance

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Personalized Approach

We do not believe in just using automated tools. You will have our security researchers communicating with your team on a daily basis and manually check your code to spot bugs and vulnerabilities.

Detailed Security Audit Reports

At the end of the audit, you will receive a vulnerability report with an executive summary, vulnerability details, and mitigation guidance.

Work by Top-tier Security Experts

The quality of audit heavily depends on who performs the audit. We are a group of security experts with proven track records from global competitions and bounty hunt ranking boards. Check our our team.

Follow-up Verification

Our service does not stop with the report. We work with the developers to ensure that those bugs and backdoors are securely removed from the code to protect users.

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